We are not enemies! There is a spirit of anger in America, causing us to view our neighbors and fellow citizens as obstacles to be hated, rebuked, and removed. It is destroying us and our country – but God provides salvation! He is calling His people, His church, to humble ourselves. He is calling us to turn to Him and repent of our sin.

He is calling us to pray for our enemies and forgive them. 

Now is the time. Christians across all of America are uniting for a National Season of Forgiveness, beginning with a special Day of Forgiveness on Nov. 26th2023 (the Sunday after Thanksgiving) and filling the entire year until Nov. 26th, 2024.  

This grassroots movement depends on local churches and obedient Christians taking the initiative and networking together for a great work of faith in America. Will you be a part of it?

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Ways to Participate:

A humble and repentant nation needs a humble and repentant people! Help spread the word of this return to God by participating in some of the recommended actions below:  


Lead or join a prayer group for the Day of Forgiveness Kickoff on Nov. 26, 2023 

Lead or join a prayer group for next 12 months focusing on forgiveness 

Pray personally on a set time every day/week/month/etc. for the next 12 months 

Lead or join a prayer group for the closing prayer event on Nov. 26, 2024


Talk to personal connections and give them card or flyer from our website 

Talk about it on a Podcast or on TV, if you’re a person with a following and influence

Provide cards or flyers to local organizations and ask them to them hand out 

Use #wearenotenemies on social media




Organizations who volunteer to promote W.A.N.E. on podcasts, TV, billboards, through the National Season of Forgiveness can have their logos added to the participant section of the W.A.N.E. website.